A Pawsome Day at Stonecellar Doggy Day Care and Hotel

Embark on a canine adventure with Max's delightful account of his day at Stonecellar Doggy Day Care and Hotel, featured in Consett Magazine. From the friendly staff and spacious play areas to outdoor fun in the sunshine, Max shares the tail-wagging joy of this exclusive retreat. With a limited capacity of 10 dogs, personalized attention, and even water pools for warmer days, Stonecellar promises a safe and exciting haven for furry friends.

Purpose of the Piece:

Max’s narrative captures the essence of Stonecellar Doggy Day Care and Hotel, emphasizing its unique offerings and commitment to a limited, cozy environment. This heartwarming account aims to attract pet owners seeking a tailored, secure, and enjoyable experience for their furry companions. Max’s endorsement underscores the exceptional care and fun awaiting dogs at Stonecellar.

Published By:

Publication Date:

  • 23rd May 2023

Key Focus:

  • Canine Well-being
  • Pet Care Services
  • Tailored Play Experiences

Brands Promoted

Canine Chronicles: Max's Day at Stonecellar Doggy Day Care

Join Max on a delightful journey as he recounts the joyous experiences at Stonecellar Doggy Day Care and Hotel, showcasing its exclusive and secure haven for furry friends.

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