Joining Dellner Glass Solutions: A Gateway to Opportunity

Discover the invigorating work culture at Dellner Glass Solutions through this insightful case study. Featuring experiences from recent joiners Mark Absalom, Colin Carr, and Tommy Wilkinson, it highlights the company's supportive environment and varied job roles. This narrative illustrates Dellner's commitment to fostering confidence and skill development among its team members.

Purpose of the Piece:

The purpose of this article is twofold: to showcase the positive and growth-centric workplace culture at Dellner Glass Solutions and to aid in recruitment by attracting potential candidates to the opportunities available at the company. It highlights Dellner’s approach to training and welcoming new staff, irrespective of their previous experience, underlining the company’s investment in its people and business growth.

Published By:

Publication Date:

  • 1st December 2023

Key Focus:

  • Employee Experience
  • Recruitment Drive
  • Company Growth

Brands Promoted

Gateway to Opportunity

This insightful Consett Magazine case study provides a glimpse into the vibrant work culture at Dellner Glass Solutions.

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