Frequently Asked Questions for Firefly Magazines

For advertisers and businesses


  • Sponsored content, or “advertorials,” are articles aimed at promoting a business, focusing on positive, locally relevant topics. These articles often include hypertext links to the endorsed website.
  • Effective Sponsored Content includes:
    1. Engaging and enlightening content for the reader.
    2. Links to high-quality blog posts or resources, including those outside your own site.
    3. Features like commendable newsletters or complimentary e-books.
  • Less Effective Sponsored Content:
    1. Content serving solely as a vehicle for backlinks.
    2. Minimal informational value, with links primarily to main pages or product sections.

Businesses, marketers, advertisers, PR firms, media buyers, and ‘white-hat’ link builders targeting local online audiences in the United Kingdom.

Your content can cover business, products, team, achievements, or positive/informative stories.

We do not accept content related to sports betting, gambling, financial opportunities, trading, cryptocurrency, or explicit material.

We offer sponsored content and bespoke campaigns for deep local engagement, including marketing strategy, content marketing, social media outreach, email marketing, and precision-targeted strategies.

For detailed pricing on individual sponsored posts or tailored campaign options, please contact us.

Experience the power of widespread visibility with Firefly Magazines. When you partner with us, your content will not only be showcased prominently on our diverse magazine websites but also gain extensive reach through syndication across various news and social media platforms. Additionally, we’ll share your story with our engaged email subscribers, amplifying your message further.

For tailored campaigns and solutions that align perfectly with your unique objectives, feel free to get in touch with us. Our dynamic marketing strategies may include paid advertisements across major platforms like Meta, TikTok, Google, and others, ensuring your content receives the attention it deserves in all the right spaces.

At Firefly Magazines, a brand of Firefly New Media UK we are dedicated to enhancing your reach to local audiences through our comprehensive advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as expert campaign management. Our relationship with you as a publisher is focused on maximizing your content’s exposure and impact.

Upon your investment with us, we commit to:

  1. Publishing your content on our platforms.
  2. Maintaining its backlinks through any future site changes, ensuring continuity and visibility.
  3. Editing the content only with your explicit permission, respecting your original vision.
  4. Removing the content upon your request, should the need arise.

It’s important to note that upon submission, Firefly New Media UK retains the right to use, reproduce, and publish the content across various platforms. While we ensure the integrity of your content, please be aware that future maintenance of links may incur costs, subject to the evolving digital landscape.

We’re here to help your message resonate with the right audience, using our expertise in digital media to create a meaningful connection between your content and our readers.

  • Good sponsored content should be valuable, informative, and/or entertaining for local UK audiences.
  • Avoid content that solely exists for backlinks with no real value to the reader.
  • Read more about Firefly Magazines Content Guidelines.


For Non-Business Contributors


We warmly welcome content that is uplifting, informative, or engaging, and not just for advertising purposes. We have a preference for content which is geographically relevant for our local UK magazine audiences. We’ll review free submissions promoting local businesses or freelancers on a case-by-case basis.

Join the Local Spotlight and Submit Free Content.

At Firefly Magazines, we’re all about giving the local spotlight to those who cherish our community’s stories. While we primarily welcome submissions that don’t endorse large or non-local enterprises, we shine the brightest for content that champions small community businesses and independent professionals. Each of these submissions is carefully evaluated, with the chances of publication rising as they sparkle with intrigue and informativeness.

But that’s not all! We’re not just looking for the pros; we warmly invite entries from students eager to make their mark in the world of words, retirees brimming with tales of yesteryears, charitable bodies making a positive difference, grassroots groups shaking things up, and enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing their unique domains. So, whether you’re here for the local spotlight or simply itching to share your passion, step right up and let your voice be heard in the heart of our local community!

You Can: Write about anything that’s positive or informative. We’re all ears for stories that uplift and educate.

You Can’t: Use free content to promote for-profit businesses via links, unless we’re convinced that a business ticks all the right boxes – it must be local, reputable, and small. You’re welcome to mention any business you like, but we’re not obligated to include links.

Our readers are predominantly adults, so aim your words at a grown-up audience, but please ensure it’s family-friendly. We’re all about creating content that brightens the day while keeping things suitable for all ages.

Please take a moment to read the content guidelines before writing and submitting your story. Your commitment to these guidelines helps us maintain the high quality and uplifting spirit that Firefly Magazines are known for.

You can submit your free content via this link: Submit Content, or feel free to contact us directly for more detailed content matters. Thank you for being a part of the vibrant Firefly Magazines community!

Local Writing Tips from Firefly Magazines

  • Aim for 350+ words; 800-1200 words is ideal.
  • Know your audience and purpose – think local and positive.
  • Brainstorm topics, then organise them.
  • Create a catchy title.
  • Start with a rough draft; don’t worry about perfection.
  • Keep your first draft to yourself for now.
  • Review and make notes after a break.
  • Turn your notes into a structured draft.
  • Follow a local storytelling format – intro, body, conclusion.
  • Proofread after a break.
  • Seek feedback, then make final edits.
  • Your work is ready to shine on our magazines with local charm and positivity!


Our Author-Publisher Relationship, Content Brilliance, and Legalities

When you share your unique content with us, we proudly make it available locally and globally. 

Please note that while we strive to ensure the accuracy of our content, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. All details are believed to be correct at the time of publication. We recommend that readers verify information with the respective venues regarding event times and dates in advance.

We welcome readers to submit photographs, letters, and other content to us, but we cannot guarantee their inclusion in our publications. Firefly New Media UK reserves the right to choose whether or not to use submitted material in both print and online publications, and we do not return submitted content.

The views and opinions expressed in advertisements and content do not necessarily reflect those of Firefly Magazines, associated magazines, websites and Firefly New Media UK. No part of this publication/website may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form without prior written permission from Firefly New Media UK. Permission is only deemed valid if approval is in writing. 

We hold full copyright and may use any content submitted across various channels and media for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to commercial, marketing, advertising, newsworthy, creative, and all other relevant uses. Your content will shine, and we’re dedicated to sharing positive local stories in our magazines and channels.

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