Innovative Cycling: Rehook's Journey from Dragon’s Den to Queen’s Award

This case study, based on a Newcastle Magazine article, highlights the success of Rehook, a cycling tool invented by Teesside University graduate Wayne Taylor. Rehook, designed to easily reinstate a cycle chain without the mess, gained recognition on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and was subsequently honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2022. The award signifies the highest level of national recognition for UK businesses.

Purpose of the Piece:

The article aims to showcase Rehook’s innovative product development journey, from its conceptualization by Wayne Taylor to gaining nationwide acclaim and prestigious business recognition. It highlights the impact of university education on entrepreneurship and the importance of business innovation in the UK.

Published By:

Publication Date:

  • 28th April 2022

Key Focus:

  • Business Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • National Recognition

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This case study effectively communicates the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation behind Rehook, aligning with Firefly Magazines’ mission to spotlight significant achievements and inspiring stories in the business world.

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