How to get local coverage for your content (Local PR and SEO)

Our team has been diligently nurturing local audiences across the North East and Edinburgh since 2012. Through our targeted local marketing approach, we offer a wide range of services, including honest link building & SEO, event promotion, public announcements, brand awareness, local UK content, press releases, guest posts, and coverage in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Durham, Consett, and Edinburgh areas.

Consett Magazine has over 5000 weekly subscribers on it's newsletter and has 50,000+ page views each month.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and local residents looking to gain exposure for their brand or personal story can take advantage of our platform to feature their story in highly sought-after UK local magazines. With a few simple steps, you can boost your reach and showcase your unique narrative on platforms that emphasize positive news and community engagement.

Post your content on these UK magazine sites:

  • Consett Magazine
  • Durham Magazine
  • Newcastle Magazine
  • Sunderland Magazine
  • Edinburgh Magazine

Are you a marketer, local business owner, SEO professional, or PR agency looking for an effective platform to showcase your local story, entrepreneurial journey, or small business? Look no further! Firefly Magazines offer an excellent opportunity to feature your story in our local UK magazines.

Our network of UK magazines delivers unbiased and relevant content, with a unique approach to local news. By partnering with us, you can promote your brand, products, or services through sponsored content, enjoy targeted brand awareness, and gain recognition through name recognition.

We’ve worked with national and local brands, including McDonald’s, Tesco, and Newcastle Building Society, and we’re here to help you tell your story too. With hyperlocal digital reach, we’ll help you reach thousands of local subscribers through their inbox and social feeds every week, with regional and pinpoint accuracy.

If you’re looking for targeted local marketing in the North East & Scotland, Firefly Magazines is what you need.

Contact us today to start your campaign and showcase your story in our highly sought-after UK local magazines.

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